Client Sectors

  • Golf Courses and Parks

    geese_parkGolf Courses and Parks are often a hidden oasis for wildlife within urban settings.

    Providing safe places to roost, live and rear young. Eagle Creek Wildlife Control will assess, monitor and resolve any human-wildlife conflicts. Whether it is for geese damaging fairways, deer stripping bark off trees, ground squirrels tunnelling into fairways, or Muskrats burrowing under shoreline edges. Eagle Creek Wildlife Control will assess the situation and mitigate the problem(s). Check out Species Eagle Creek Wildlife Control manages and watch video of us at work with Canada geese.


  • Residential Communities

    deer_residentialOften with expanding urban centres, there is a loss of habitat that displaces wildlife, or in some cases wildlife adapts to their urban surroundings.

    It is nice to see and share wildlife within ones neighbourhood or backyard; however, it is not always good for an animal to be living in close proximity to people and the damage wildlife causes to a personís property can be problematic.

    As is often the case with wildlife adapting to their urban surroundings, wildlife loses their fear of people. This can lead to dangerous situations for both people and animals. Animals with no fear of people increase their chances of being injured by vehicles and so do attacks on people, along with many other potential problems.

    Eagle Creek Wildlife Control has experience and solutions for all sorts of conflicts that arise from wildlife living in suburbia whether it is Coyotes or foxes raising pups under a porch or geese nesting on a balcony.


  • High Rises

    Pigeon EggWhere we call home or go to work, sometimes certain wildlife species will take up residence too.

    Whether it is birds of prey or Canada geese, numerous bird species find high rises suitable places to live. However, in certain situations they can be dangerous to people living or working in the buildings if they perceive danger to their young. In other cases there is a danger to wildlife that has taken up residence in unusual locations. It is not unusual for Eagle Creek Wildlife Control to remove goslings from the top of high rises or apartment balconies.†If the goslings cannot get off the building to eat they will starve because their parents bring their goslings to food, not food to the goslings.


  • Landfills

    ladfill_gullsWhere people dispose of their waste attracts all kinds of wildlife because of the availability of food.

    Gulls are one of these wildlife species that takes advantage of the readily available food source. They are problematic to surrounding residents and property, their waste is a health hazard to people and their droppings ruin paint and siding on buildings and cars. Eagle Creek Wildlife Control has extensive experience with gull abatement on landfills and will use an integrated wildlife management program to mitigate the problem.


  • Gas or Chemical Plants

    gasplant_gullGas and chemical plants often share their property and outlying areas with wildlife species that make their homes there.

    Whether the wildlife is utilising the water sources found on or around the property, the buildings or other available habitat, Eagle Creek Wildlife Control recognizes that the companies and operators of these facilities enjoy the wildlife presence. Occasionally wildlife found on site can become a danger to operators or can find themselves in dangerous situations.

    Eagle Creek Wildlife Control has the solutions and the experience working on these facilities to resolve any conflicts that may arise. Eagle Creek Wildlife Control has in the past installed water level control devices to prevent beavers in adjacent creeks from flooding out nearby facilities, and Eagle Creek Wildlife Control has extensive experience and expert solutions for Canada geese nesting on site.